October 8, 2013

Many of us have heard that sitting too close to a TV will damage our eyesight or that carrots are good for your vision. How much of what we hear about our eyes is true? And how much of it is just old wives tales?  Lets look at a few examples:

Computers and TV Can Damage Eyes

False: As a child you probably heard, “Don’t sit too close to the TV, You’ll ruin your eyes!” While sitting close to a screen may make your eyes sore, it’s only temporary. The reason for the strain is that people tend to blink less when in front of screens. As a result, their eyes become dry and the quality of vision is negatively affected. While uncomfortable, the effects are not permanent.

Reading In Dim Light Ruins Your Vision

False: When lights are low, your pupil is enlarged, making it harder to focus on objects. When conditions are brighter, your depth of focus increases. Dim lighting doesn’t ruin your vision, only makes focusing harder, which causes temporary strain.

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Eating Carrots Improves Vision

True & False: While lack of Vitamin A (which carrots do have) can lead to poor vision, eating a large amount of Vitamin A doesn’t produce superhuman vision. Most diets in the United States contain plenty of Vitamin A.

It Is Difficult To Get Patient Financing For Vision Care or LASIK Procedures

FALSE: With American HealthCare Lending, obtaining instant funding options for your patients’ vision care procedures is easier than ever. We offer instant decisions on all applications for eye care and LASIK loans. In fact, your patients can receive pre-approval on financing for their vision care without affecting their credit.

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