July 9, 2014

Despite an overall increase in awareness of healthy eating, 27.7% of Americans are now obese, according to a study by Gallup-Healthways. A further 35% are considered overweight, indicating that the diet and exercise advice that is so prevalent in our world today simply isn’t that effective at motivating people to lose weight.

As all healthcare providers know, being overweight or obese severely reduces quality of life. A person’s chances of developing Coronary Heart Disease, various cancers, and other potentially life-threatening conditions dramatically increase when they are at an unhealthy weight. For example, being just five to six pounds overweight can increase the risk of heart failure by between five and seven percent.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why bariatric surgery has become an attractive option for those who struggle with their weight. Many people find permanent weight loss very difficult to achieve, and want a faster, more effective way to shed the pounds. Typically performed on patients who are 100+ pounds overweight, bariatric surgery, which includes Lap-Band surgery, involves the surgical installation of a silicone-banding device that wraps around the top of the stomach and helps induce weight loss.

The least invasive weight-loss surgery is the Lap-Band system, which is typically just an outpatient procedure with a recovery time of about a week. Popular because of its ability to induce weight loss without permanently altering the body, the Lap-Band doesn’t use metal staples, amputate any part of the stomach, or involve any cutting of the intestines. It also has far fewer complications than other weight-loss surgeries.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial means to pay for Lap-Band, bariatric, or gastric bypass surgery, despite their need for it. That’s where American Healthcare Lending can help. We provide competitive patient financing, to allow those with limited funds to have options when it comes to elective medical procedures.

Bariatric surgery can have a huge impact on the people who receive it. American Healthcare Lending offers medical providers and their patients more financial possibilities, by providing financing of up to $100,00, with no transaction fees (unlike other patient financing companies, which often charge 5-15% to fund a loan.) For more information about our healthcare financing options, call us today at 888-602-6066, or email sales@americanhcl.com.