October 17, 2014

There are many different reasons why a patient would want plastic surgery. Whether the surgery is to increase personal acceptance, enhance physical aesthetics, or fix cosmetic damage from accidents, plastic surgery is an option many can benefit from. However, the cost of surgery may be out of reach and prevent many from undergoing surgery. By using a third party financing tool, plastic surgery facilities can provide affordability options so patients can obtain the treatment they need.

There are existing lenders that offer financing that may put the patient in a very difficult financial situation by charging retroactive interest and very high interest rates. Also, lenders often times use confusing terms and have hidden fees. American HealthCare Lending, (AHCL) is different. American HealthCare Lending is proud to offer patients a healthier financing option. Its simple interest loans have no prepayment penalties, no retroactive interest and low monthly payments. This financing platform gives patients an affordable way to receive surgery.

The benefits to offering lending options for cosmetic surgery loans as a provider are numerous. You increase the patient base you have, you are able to provide your services to more people, and you can be confident that you’re offering a patient financing tool that you can trust. Not only are you benefiting, but your patients are too. These loans give them opportunities that many never thought would be possible. The gift of affordable cosmetic surgery lending options will change people for the better.

Plastic Surgery Financing