November 7, 2014

The days are long past when patients and doctors could focus solely on health and nothing else. With all the complexity that comes when working with insurance companies, Medicare/Medicaid, and a patient’s given financial situation, medical care can come in as a secondary concern for many people. Helping a patient handle the financial portion of their care is an obvious solution, but most cosmetic surgery doctors are not in a position to work pro-bono or to offer personal loans to their patients.

Why plastic surgery financing?

A solution emerges in the form of plastic surgery financing from a third-party lender. Cosmetic surgery is often an important answer to many issues patients can be having. Whether the surgery is to increase personal acceptance, enhance physical aesthetics, or fix cosmetic damage from accidents, plastic surgery is an option every type of patient can benefit from. The thing that often holds patients back from pursuing that type of operation is the lack of financing for plastic surgery. If patients knew a happier version of themselves was within reach by just getting a plastic surgery loan, doctors would see easily more patients.

The benefits to offering lending options for plastic surgery loans as a provider are numerous. You increase the patient base you have, you are able to provide your services to more people, and you aren’t forced to work through the struggle that is insurance and government health paperwork. Not only are you benefiting, but your patients are too. These loans give them opportunities that many never thought would be possible. The gift of affordable cosmetic surgery lending options will change people for the better.