April 20, 2016

After 6 months of development, countless user testing sessions and a titanic effort, Prosper Healthcare Lending is launching an updated provider dashboard with remarkable improvements.

Whether you’re currently using Prosper’s patient financing platform, or thinking of signing up with us, the new dashboard is worth a look. One of our goals is to relentlessly simplify and improve patient financing, and the new provider dashboard is a giant leap forward in that endeavor.

These are 3 of the more notable and impactful upgrades, but as you start using the dashboard we’re confident you’ll find the entire experience to be a substantial improvement.

Redesigned User Experience

Our Product Management Team painstakingly evaluated every detail related to the design and user experience of the old dashboard to determine what worked well, what didn’t, and what was missing. Combining their research with contemporary user experience and design methods, we’ve developed a clean, easy-to-use platform to quickly and efficiently provide all the information you need, and nothing more. When you access your custom dashboard after April 15th you’ll immediately love the enhancements.

Before:                                                                                   After:


Application Status Indicators

It’s critical you and your staff know the application status of each patient who chooses to apply for patient financing. We’ve developed a simple, yet highly effective way to convey the necessary information. Displayed next to each patient’s name is a combination of spots and colors. The simple code will instantly communicate to your staff application progress and help them determine the next steps for each patient, and then take the appropriate action. A quick explanation of the code is below, however; you’ll find more detailed explanations of each stage in the dashboard.

Status Indicator Key

Key Status Indicator Image

Send Applications Through Text or Email

In an effort to drastically simplify the financing process, we have developed a new tool inside the provider dashboard. When a patient expresses interest in applying for financing, with just a few clicks, a member of your staff can send the patient a text message or email containing the link to the application page.


After taking the new dashboard for a test run, please contact your dedicated Success Manager with any questions or concerns.

We’re determined to simplify the patient financing process. We strive to make financing a positive experience for you and your patients. Through simple and responsible fixed rate installment loans, and zero practice fees, we make healthcare affordable for your patients and your practice.