August 13, 2014

Receiving behavioral and mental health treatments can drastically improve an individual’s quality of life. Having good mental health can strengthen our ability to have healthy relationships, make good choices and also reduce physical health problems as well. Anxiety and stress can cause problems such as heart disease, ulcers and colitis. Psychological problems that are not treated such as drug and alcohol abuse has also shown to increase choices that contribute to other health problems.

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With the arrival of the Affordable Care Act, more insurance coverage for mental health treatments has arrived. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the programs have magically become fully subsidized by all insurance plans. Length of stay, percentage of the treatment coverage, and repeat treatments are all a big question when it comes to insurance coverage.

As deductibles continue to climb, more and more behavioral health providers have also have seen a need for financing high deductibles. Reports show that deductibles will continue to rise over the next few years to compensate for the changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act. Financing for high deductibles is not just a thing of the future, but also something that must be focused on today.

This is why American HealthCare Lending has created a behavioral health financing program that is easy for behavioral health providers to offer patients and their families a healthy and safe way to pay for treatment. AHCL is the premier financing company in the behavioral health industry with over 1,000 provider locations in all 50 states. Over 300,000 individuals have received over $5 billion of loans through our lenders demonstrating that this is a name and a program you can trust. Loans have no retroactive interest, no prepayment penalties, competitive interest rates, and don’t affect the applicants credit when applying.

What do we finance? American HealthCare Lending provides financing for any behavioral health expense including but not limited to the following:

• Wilderness Therapy
• Residential Treatment
• Therapeutic Boarding Schools
• Group Homes
• Traditional Boarding Schools
• Treatment Centers
• Individual Therapy
• Private Practice
• Addiction Recovery
• And many other specialties