November 7, 2013

Plastic surgery isn’t just about a cosmetic transformation. Patients often experience an inner transformation as well, whether it’s increased confidence, stronger feelings of self worth or even just relief at no longer hiding a certain feature. Many who seek this transformation are emotionally ready, but unable to fully afford the care they need. Would you like to be able to offer your patients financial peace of mind as well as high quality surgical care?

American HealthCare Lending Offers Loans For Cosmetic Surgery

If you are ready to stop paying high provider fees each time you fund a loan, contact American HealthCare Lending. Our innovative, multi-lender platform ensures that patients receive the lowest rates on loans for their cosmetic surgery treatment. Patients are also able to review and accept the terms with our instant decision loan process.

The loans for cosmetic surgery that we offer cover a wide variety of procedures, including:

– Tummy Tuck

– Microdermabrasion Treatments

– Spider Vein Treatment

– Eyelid Surgery

– Breast Augmentation

– Breast Lift Surgery

– Thigh Lift

– Chemical Peel

– Arm Lift

– Dermal Lifts & Fillers

– Liposuction

– Laser Skin Resurfacing

– Brow and Face Lifts

Help your patients invest in their appearance, while also providing easy and financially sound plastic surgery financing. Call us today at 888-602-6066 or email