November 28, 2013

For patients with vision problems who rely on glasses or contacts, LASIK eye surgery can be a complete game changer. Imagine no longer needing to worry about bringing glasses or contact solution with you on trips; the daily routine of storing and cleaning your contact lenses; breaking or losing your glasses. What if the only thing standing between your patients and a life free from glasses and contacts was the need for eye surgery financing?

Lasik Financing From AHCL

We pride ourselves on effective and affordable LASIK financing solutions at American HealthCare Lending. Our providers love the fact that they pay 0% fees per funded loan. Patients appreciate the instant decision and wide range of funding options that allow them greater freedom to choose their healthcare procedures. In fact, patients can receive pre-approval on vision and LASIK financing without affecting their credit.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists who use AHCL services in their office often compliment the ease of use. Rather than have an entire financing team on your staff, you can leave that to us. Some simple training for your staff on how to use the financing portal and you will be ready to help patients afford the care they need.

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