October 23, 2014

There are hundreds of thousands of couples in United States that struggle to start families of their own. According to the National Survey of Family Growth, 1 in 8 couples, (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. Battling infertility can be a long difficult journey, but there are medications and treatments that can help couples to have children of their own. One such treatment is in-vitro fertilization, or IVF. IVF is a complex series of procedures used to treat fertility or genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child. Each year more than 85,000 women in the United States undergo IVF. This treatment can bring hope to those facing infertility. However, IVF is a very expensive procedure and the majority of the time, not covered by insurance.

According to the American Society of reproductive medicine, (ASRM) the average cost of an IVF cycle in the U.S. is $12,400. This price can vary depending on where you live, the amount of medications you’re required to take, the number of IVF cycles you undergo. Many different factors can add to the total cost of treatment. There are other routes available to help those battling infertility such as adoption or surrogacy, but these may be just as, or more expensive as in-vitro fertilization and pose their own unique challenges. Any direction you take, there is a large cost involved when it comes to infertility.

American HealthCare Lending has a solution for the high cost of in-vitro fertilization and other types of fertility treatment. AHCL’s fertility financing platform proudly covers any fertility expense including medications, treatments and procedures with loans amounts for up to $100,000 all with no prepayment penalties. In addition, the loan inquiry process does not negatively impact the patient’s credit and only takes minutes for the patient to complete on any device. This revolutionary service has made American HealthCare Lending the nation’s fastest growing fertility financing platform and is helping couples nationwide.

Fertility Financing