November 14, 2013

When patients are presented with treatment plans for care they need, they often worry they are unable to afford it. Sometimes they don’t have insurance. Others have insurance but the deductible is too high to make treatment realistic. Rather than trying to figure out how to pay for it, patients may decline care that could vastly improve their health and quality of life. As a provider, it is difficult to see patients decline care that they desperately need because of financial roadblocks. Fortunately American HealthCare Lending is able to help change that outcome.

 Talk to American HealthCare Lending About Hospital Patient Financing

Our industry leading finance platform helps patients and providers alike by offering accessible healthcare financing. We offer a variety of funding options, including a network of lending consultants, multiple lenders to ensure the best loan rates, and instant decisions on loan applications with no impact on patient credit scores.

American HealthCare Lending helps to eliminate bad debt and reduce your outstanding accounts receivable by ensuring your hospital or clinic gets paid during the pre-admission period, at the point of service, or after the procedure has been completed. Your patient can receive treatment at no financial risk to you.

In order to expand your reach and ensure that the largest number of patients can receive care, hospital patient financing from American HealthCare Lending is the answer. Call us today at 888-602-6066 or email to get started.