August 7, 2014

An article, “10 Ways HealthCare Reform Impacts Private Practice Physicians” was recently published online.

This article gives 10 trends on how healthcare reform has impacted physicians. #6 discusses healthcare cost and is particularly interesting. “6: Higher deductible health insurance plans cause patients to delay care, especially elective surgery.”

Now more than ever, patients are enrolling in high deductible insurance plans. From 2009 to 2014 the percentage of individuals enrolled in these plans has nearly tripled. The prices of these deductibles are also rising. In 2013, the average health insurance deductible in America increased by 154% and it is projected that out-of-pocket healthcare expenses will reach an all-time high of $420 Billion by 2015.
These dramatic trends have driven healthcare providers to seek new and more affordable ways to help patients pay for costly healthcare procedures including elective surgeries. Many healthcare providers are starting to offer high deductible financing plans to help patients bridge the affordability gap. The Affordable Care Act should live up to its name and not make healthcare less affordable for those that have been forced into higher deductible insurance plans.

American HealthCare Lending is leading non-recourse, patient financing platform. We serve health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare providers in the bariatric surgery, fertility, cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, spine and neurosurgery, and behavioral health markets. Our platform helps to make health care more affordable by offering patient financing for individual’s facing high deductibles and large out of pocket expenses. Being able to pay over time instead of delaying treatment and coming up with the entire amount upfront can be life saving in many different ways.