July 8, 2013

When dealing with fertility issues, patients often feel like things are out of their control. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 6.1 million women in the US between 15 and 44 years old have difficulty getting or staying pregnant.  With costs of one round of IVF treatment averaging  $12,400 and surrogacy ranging from $70,000 and beyond, costs can add up very quickly. Figuring out funding for these procedures can be very stressful for families facing these expenses. Insurance companies may cover some costs for treatment, but the levels of care vary from state to state.

Providing healthcare funding for fertility procedures

With so many different options to consider, let American HealthCare Lending alleviate some of the stress that comes with fertility treatments. Our flexible patient financing plans cover a variety of fertility procedures, so couples can find peace of mind and accessible funding that can help change their lives.

The goal of American HealthCare Lending is to provide funding for every single patient, regardless of credit history. The application process is free and with our powerful new platform there are a variety of ways we can help your patients secure affordable monthly payment plans for their healthcare needs. Lower rates, no retroactive interest and personal attention all set us apart from other lenders. In fact, American Healthcare Lending offers the best provider rates in the industry. If your patients are considering fertility treatments, but are concerned about how they will fund the procedures, call American Healthcare Lending. We help your patients take the next step in their medical treatment.

For more information call 888-602-6066 or email sales@americanhcl.com.