July 7, 2014

You may have read articles last year discussing how the prince of England’s emergence from the womb cost around half of what the average American pays to deliver a baby. And it’s not because Prince George of Cambridge just happened to be an especially low-maintenance fetus, no – maternity costs around the world are typically far cheaper than those we face here in North America, thanks to our market-lead system.

Couples who don’t have $30,000 in their bank account may wonder how they can possibly afford to bring a child into the world, and for good reason. Pregnancy is stressful as it is, without the added burden of extreme financial pressure. Not to mention those unable to conceive naturally and who need to rely on costly in vitro fertilization to expand their families. It’s no wonder so many couples are putting off having kids. Healthcare costs are rising faster than the rate of inflation, and the need for health care financing is now greater than ever.

American Healthcare Lending wants to give those who are longing for a child, but holding back because of the cost, the chance to fulfill their dreams. We offer fertility financing and in vitro fertilization patient loans of up to $100,000, to enable parents-to-be to feel financially safeguarded. With no transaction fees and a name that’s proven trustworthy by hundreds of thousands of patients, American Healthcare Lending can help healthcare providers to change their patients’ lives.

Don’t let your patients forgo starting a family because of financial issues. Contact American HealthCare Lending today at 888-602-6066, or email support@americanhcl.com.