September 25, 2014

As cosmetic surgery procedures grow more advanced and natural looking, more and more people are interested in making a change. Whether it’s to repair damage done by an accident or simply to boost personal self-esteem, cosmetic surgery can make a world of difference to a person – but it’s not cheap! Even the simplest procedures can cost thousands of dollars to patients and insurance rarely covers cosmetic or plastic surgeries. Only a fraction of people who say they would consider a procedure have the financial means to afford it, causing many to abandon their desire.

In the same way a new car can be beneficial to one’s self-image and self-worth, cosmetic surgery helps patients become the person they want to be. But unlike cars, which can easily be financed at any bank, asking for a cosmetic surgery loan to improve and fix one’s appearance is a more difficult task. Imagine walking into the credit union down the street and asking for money for a facelift or tummy tuck. It sadly isn’t that easy.

American Healthcare Lending opens up the option of cosmetic surgery and other procedures to those who feel they need it. We provide healthcare professionals with the ability to offer their clients cosmetic surgery financing, allowing them to carry out more procedures than they’d otherwise be able to. Allowing the doctor, the professional familiar with a patient’s medical history and background, the opportunity to offer that financing means a trustworthy individual will be the one assessing their needs and expenses. Our transaction fee-free loans of up to $100,000 enable healthcare professionals to capture more revenue and boost the success of their businesses. It also allows the patient to receive all the care and procedures they need to finally become the person they have wanted to be.

Because the cost of healthcare can be so worrying to Americans, a lot of people feel trapped when it comes to their perceived need for cosmetic surgery. Self-esteem problems are often times reported as a leading cause of depression, which can easily lead to other health issues. These patients want to make a positive change to their image and self-confidence, but feel unable to do so without some type of loans for cosmetic surgery. There are many patients who would benefit for other reasons like financing for high deductibles. There are also a host of families that would finally be able to afford fertility or IVF treatments with the help of an IVF loan. The benefits of financed healthcare are numerous and specific to the many needs or patients everywhere.

American Healthcare Lending has given thousands of people the chance to receive essential and non-essential medical procedures, by providing them with financial loans they previously hadn’t realized were an option. Giving a person the means to act allows them to take ownership and control over the issues they are looking to address. Just giving a patient some measure of control over their appearance is winning half the battle.

To find out more about how AHCL can help you give your patients more financial freedom to afford cosmetic surgery, contact us today.