Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Market: Fertility
Company Info:

Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology (PREG), treats patients from NC, GA, TN and VA. Their infertility experts incorporate a uniquely personal and deeply caring attitude and environment to help patients achieve their goals of a successful family. The physicians and staff at Piedmont take great pride in providing excellent reproductive healthcare.


“We enjoy working with Prosper Healthcare Lending for many different reasons; The customer service representatives are knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions that we have, the website is very user friendly and easy to navigate, and patient loans are funded quickly and efficiently with competitive interest rates.”

Tammy Brevard Supervisor/Greenville Office

Average Industry Case Size
Average Savings Per Loan
*Based on industry average of a 5.99% discount rate

How We've Helped

From the loan application process, until the client is funded, Piedmont Reproductive trusts that Prosper Healthcare Lending will take care of not just them, but their clients as well. They continuously receive positive feedback from their patients in regards to PHL’s customer service, and easy to use platform, where they can submit an inquiry from a home computer, tablet, phone, or even right in the practitioner’s office. As Piedmont Reproductive continues to work with Prosper Healthcare Lending, they have seen an increase in their ability to serve more patients.

Piedmont Reproductive has also enjoyed working with Prosper Healthcare Lending because they understand how the program works to their benefit. After working with other fertility financing companies in the past, they became accustomed to paying a fee each time a loan was funded, which overtime began to accumulate to large costs. After working with PHL, they have been impressed that there are no fees per funded loan, which has lead to thousands of dollars in savings.

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