Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Market: Bariatric Surgery
Company Info:

The Bariatric Medicine Institute is a multi-location weight-loss center out of Salt Lake City, Utah. BMI has four highly trained doctors with extensive experience in weight loss surgery. BMI is in the forefront of the latest weight loss surgery technology and has eliminated many common post-operation complications. The BMI team wants their patients to see success and do all they can to make sure that happens.


Prosper¬†Healthcare Lending gives many of our patients the ability to obtain funds when their weight loss surgery is not covered by their insurance company. It also helps our patients obtain dollars to help cover deductibles and co insurance costs. The service and ease of the application process is very efficient and beneficial. We look forward in continuing our relationship into the future.”

Darren Cluff, Practice Administrator, Bariatric Medicine Institute

Industry Average Case Size
Average Savings Per Loan
*Based on industry average of a 8% discount rate

How We've Helped

Before partnering with Prosper Healthcare Lending, the Bariatric Medicine Institute relied almost solely on an in-house financing program to help their patients towards paying for treatment. Since BMI has brought on Prosper Healthcare Lending as a financing option, they have been able to offer their patients:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Longer terms (up to 84 months) for lower monthly payments
  • 100% of the procedure expense and related costs including medication, travel, etc. (Loans up to $100,000)
  • And More!

Prosper Healthcare Lending has also helped to guarantee that BMI receives payment upfront and in full. That is a huge benefit not to have to worry about collections and accounts receivable. Once a customer has paid for their procedure, the loan is between them and Prosper Healthcare Lending, it is completely non-retroactive to the provider.

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