Southern California Center For Reproductive Medicine Newport Beach, California We recommend Prosper Healthcare Lending because of how easy and quickly our patients are able to receive their funds. Our patients are able to distribute and manage their payments to cover their entire fertility treatment, including medicine!

Annamarie Santana, Assistant Practice Manager
Plastic Surgery One Frederick, Maryland We’re in the business of changing and improving lives. Prosper Healthcare provides us with an essential tool to get that done. We’ve had several patients over the years that would have walked out of our office without obtaining the service they needed if we hadn’t introduced them to Prosper Healthcare Lending. We refer their program confidently knowing that we’re offering a healthier option with no hidden fees like some of the other companies out there.

Donald W. Kress, MD, FACS
Barker Bariatric Center Dallas, Texas We’ve been using Prosper Healthcare Lending for over 3 years now. We use them for the majority of our bariatric surgery financing needs. They have always taken exceptional care of our patients and have helped many find a way to pay for a surgery that they so desperately need.

Tony Morgan, Practice Manager