August 2, 2013

“Cover your left eye and read the letters on the third line.” Sound familiar? A visit to the eye doctor is something that many of us can relate to. Whether it’s contacts or glasses, nearly 75% of adults need some form of vision correction, according to the Vision Council of America. Some vision care needs are covered by insurance, but for patients who need assistance funding these visits to the optometrist, American HealthCare Lending has the solution.
Lasik Loans From American HealthCare Lending

We fund a variety of eye care services, including:

-LASIK/ LASEK corrective eye surgery
-Contact Lenses
-Cataract Surgery
-Retinal Detachment Procedures
-Macular Degeneration Treatments
-Glaucoma Treatments

Our brand new, easy to use financing platform allows providers to give their patients options regarding eye surgery financing or other vision care needs. Our innovative lending solutions offer the best rates in the industry. Our healthcare financing options can provide funding for every patient, regardless of credit history. As a result, we can help you increase case acceptance (and revenue) at your practice.

Patients simply apply for a loan, receive an instant decision, and are able to fund their procedure right away. High interest rates and pre-payment penalties are a thing of the past with American HealthCare Lending. Enjoy superior customer service and the ability to provide your patients with the power to fund their vision care needs.

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