January 9, 2013

These are the characteristics of successful people according to Daniel Goleman, former brain sciences editor of the New York Times. These are the skills or character traits successful people have according to Mr. Goleman:

PEOPLE SKILLS: The art of getting along with people in everyday contact is far more important than raw intelligence. Studies at the Carnegie Institute of Technology indicate that 85% of success depends on skills in working with people and 15% on technical knowledge.

MOTIVATION: Motivation comes from your needs multiplied by your belief that you can accomplish your goals. Needs arise from either the desire for good feelings or the avoidance of pain.

SELF-REGULATION: You can’t control other people or events, but you can control your feelings by changing your beliefs about people and events. You can also learn to manage your emotions, control your temper, your pessimism or your critical attitude.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: Understanding yourself will help you develop your talents and avoid involvement in things in which you are less proficient. Those who are less proficient at analyzing often find it easier to sort through the facts and arrive at a decision. Saying it in another way–there are those who are impulsive decision makers and others who are totally indecisive. If you are an impulsive decision maker, you can train yourself to wait a day or a weekend before making a decision.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: This involves telling the truth and being fair. You are not trustworthy if you break promises to yourself. It is truly challenging to be scrupulously honest with yourself.

That’s the stuff that will make you successful.