February 15, 2013


At the sports mall adjacent to our offices, the employees at the front counter (mostly female) have gone to wearing colored T- shirts that seem to reflect their reaction to working on specific days of the week with a different color for each day. For instance, Monday is usually a grey day with a bright yellow sunshine color often dominating on Friday.
Psychologists say people should pay more attention to what they are wearing because it influences their attitudes. Dr. Judith Waters, professor of psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University, reinforces the idea that bright hues have an impact on mood. But she says that if you are sensitive to people saying things such as “My, you look bright today,” don’t wear them.
Here’s the run down on the psychological effect of colors according to color forecaster June Roche.
Green symbolizes new growth, and, as the most energizing color, increases our sense of well-being when we wear it. Orange is also high energy; it denotes heat, fire, and the harvest.
Yellow, another energetic color, indicates spontaneity, vivacity, and youth.
Red represents courage, valor, and passion.
Light Blue symbolizes water, sky, and heaven.
Medium Blue symbolizes friendship and sincerity. Royal and Electric Blue, vibrance.
Purple personifies power, royalty, and richness. Violet is emotionally draining.
Color gives a person more energy. It is like the sun–full of light and optimism. So now you may have some new insights regarding the state of mind of the people you meet every day. Good luck and have a colorful time every day of the week.