January 11, 2013

Image by: http://blogs.roanoke.com/shoptimist/2011/04/sunday-circular-preview-and-other-deals-for-the-weekend/relax/#respond

There are always so many things demanding time and attention that deliberately setting out to have a little recreation is often a difficult discipline. If you have this problem, you may benefit from the advice of a psychologist who knows why play has a great payoff. Here’s the list of reasons to escape to the beach or engage in your favorite recreation:

  1. It restores optimism.
  2. It relieves stress.
  3. It refreshes and recharges.
  4. It changes your perspective for the better.
  5. It stimulates creativity.
  6. It renews your ability to accomplish necessary work.
  7. It allows your brain to renew the neural connections thatembody your human potential.
  8. It helps you adapt to any possible set of environmentalconditions.
  9. It takes tension out of your body.
  10. It is an indicator of youthfulness.
  11. It lengthens life. Adults who play live longer than those whodon’t according to a study conducted by Stanford University.
  12. It permits emotional discharge in a way that carries little risk.
  13. It provides an opportunity to experiment with feelings and to be completely in charge of them.
  14. It develops your memory.
  15. It makes you a happier person.
  16. The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.
  17. It is an exercise in self-definition–it reveals what we choose todo, not what we have to do.
  18. It’s fun.

So now you know why to work at playing.