March 26, 2013


Dr. Robert Epstein, Research Professor at United States International University, says that intelligence tests predict only about 10% of an individual’s potential for success. He says that what is needed is an analysis of what makes people successful and then to construct a test to measure those things. Here are some of the success factors that he identifies:

1. Common sense. A lot of people who didn’t get A’s in school have common sense–a good sense of logic.

2. Memory. Most tests are framed to determine how much of a given group of facts has been retained long enough to get them back on paper. This continues to be graded because it is so easy and convenient to test and grade.

3. Creativity. Studies show that the people who make major contributions to society have high levels of creative skills. They can solve problems that can’t be solved by applying some memorized principle.

4. Persistence. This may be the most significant characteristic of successful people–the willingness to keep on keeping on when others get discouraged and give up.

So maybe there’s hope for all of us who didn’t get straight A’s if we just hang in there.