February 26, 2015

American HealthCare Lending (AHCL) will showcase its innovative patient financing platform at the 15th Annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium (MISS). This event will take place February 25 – 28, at the Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and will offer compelling lectures, surgical video presentations, and lively discussion and debate by world-renowned experts on advanced laparoscopic techniques for managing metabolic disorders, hernia, foregut and diseases of the colon. American HealthCare Lending will demonstrate how it helps Make Healthcare Affordable™ through its cloud-based patient financing solution.

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are looking for alternative payment options to help patients afford their services. Affordability is an issue for many patients for several reasons including lack of insurance coverage for certain procedures and high deductible health plans. High deductible health plans are becoming increasingly common with the onset of the Affordable Care Act. A new survey from the Commonwealth Fund (PDF) discusses how high deductible health plans are becoming more widespread and that three in five low-income adults and about half of adults with moderate incomes believe their deductibles are “difficult or impossible to afford.”

American HealthCare Lending’s patient financing platform can make treatment affordable for more patients. Financing surgery makes treatment possible for patients who are uninsured, underinsured or facing large out-of-pocket expenses from high deductibles. The simple interest loans provided can be used for the procedure itself, aftercare, medication, anesthesia, revisions, and all other related costs. The loans have no prepayment penalties, no retroactive interest and low monthly payments making AHCL a healthy option for patients.

Not only does the AHCL platform help patients but providers also benefit as well. EVP of Marketing, Graham Anderson explains, “With our program, doctors will not only be able to perform more procedures, but the provider will pay no fees per funded loan, while other patient financing options will typically charge a 5-15% discount fee. This can lead to thousands of dollars in savings each year.”

Representatives from American HealthCare Lending will be available to answer questions and will be located at booth #7.