Now You Can Stop Storing Patient Loan Applications

May 2, 2016

Patient financing services should support your practice by increasing the financing options available to your patients while saving you time and money.  Instead, the leading companies in the patient financing industry provide patients with healthcare credit cards, which are both time-consuming and costly for your practice. With healthcare credit cards, the process of providing your […]


Fixed Rate Installment Loans Vs Credit Card Loans

Which Type of Patient Financing is a Better Fit for Your Office? The high cost of healthcare can be overwhelming. Many patients often wonder how they will pay for the treatment they want or need. Patients in the cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility and dental industries regularly turn to credit cards to pay for treatments […]


Why Doctors Should Listen to Patient Gripes

Remember when “viral” referred to an actual virus?  Patient gripes and complaints can go viral in a hurry. It’s been said that healthcare providers can quell the spread of criticism with one simple act. Listening. Widespread changes in healthcare in recent years have led to confusion, frustration and uncertainty for patients and providers alike. Patient […]