American Healthcare Lending Increases Upfront Customer Payments by 200%, Saves $90 Per Use of DocuSign for Salesforce

July 29, 2014

After using DocuSign Inc.’s (DocuSign®) Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform, American HealthCare Lending has experienced a 200% increase in upfront customer payments.  Employees at American HealthCare Lending and the healthcare providers they are working with, have been impressed by the ease, speed, security and convenience of DocuSigning contracts which can be completed any time on any device. […]


DocuSign: American HealthCare Lending Accelerates Provider Onboarding with DocuSign

Customers work with American HealthCare Lending because it offers the best rates in the patient financing  industry, and because it is the only finance provider to offer multiple lenders on the same platform. Using DocuSign, American HealthCare Lending has successfully eliminated the costs associated with paper contracts and accelerated processing.


Apollo Endosurgery Announces Affordable Financing Service

Apollo Endosurgery Announces Partnership With American HealthCare Lending  Apollo Endosurgery, announces partnership with American Healthcare Lending to offer affordable weight loss surgery financing.   The partnership will increase patient access to the LAP-BAND® System.


Who Can Afford the Healthcare They Need?

July 24, 2014

Improving access to healthcare does not always save money. In today’s health care industry, lawmakers want to increase quality, increase access and decrease spending all at the same time. But there will always be trade-offs among quality, access and cost. It may be possible to improve one or two of these categories, but not without […]


The Skinny on Bariatric Surgery Financing

July 9, 2014

Despite an overall increase in awareness of healthy eating, 27.7% of Americans are now obese, according to a study by Gallup-Healthways. A further 35% are considered overweight, indicating that the diet and exercise advice that is so prevalent in our world today simply isn’t that effective at motivating people to lose weight.


What Would YOU Do With A Spare $30,000 . . . Have A Baby?

July 7, 2014

You may have read articles last year discussing how the prince of England’s emergence from the womb cost around half of what the average American pays to deliver a baby. And it’s not because Prince George of Cambridge just happened to be an especially low-maintenance fetus, no – maternity costs around the world are typically […]


How to Compare Medical Credit Cards, Loans

When a patient needs a loan for a medical procedure, there are a few different options they can take. American HealthCare Lending offers the simplest and healthiest financing platform available in the industry.