AHCL Thought of the Day: Maybe You Are Smarter Than You Think

March 26, 2013

MAYBE YOU ARE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK Dr. Robert Epstein, Research Professor at United States International University, says that intelligence tests predict only about 10% of an individual’s potential for success. He says that what is needed is an analysis of what makes people successful and then to construct a test to measure those things. […]


Health-Care Financing Comparison Chart

Health-care financing comparison chart By Kelly Dilworth Several big lenders have retreated from health-care financing in recent years. Since the recession, for example, Chase, Capital One and health insurance provider Humana have all dropped their health-care lending programs. (Humana still offers a health-care debit card, but discontinued its medical credit card.) “Before the recession, there were lots […]


AHCL Webinar: Life Qualities with Jonathan Moffat

March 7, 2013

American HealthCare Lending Webinar with Jonathan Moffat Learning about Life Qualities  How are you using your time?  Are you accomplishing what you really want to?  Are you working to live or living to work?