AHCL Thought of the Day: Putting Color into Your Life

February 15, 2013

At the sports mall adjacent to our offices, the employees at the front counter (mostly female) have gone to wearing colored T- shirts that seem to reflect their reaction to working on specific days of the week with a different color for each day. For instance, Monday is usually a grey day with a bright […]


AHCL Thought of the Day: The Body Forgets Faster Than The Brain

February 5, 2013

An experienced music teacher or athletic coach knows that the body will often forget what the mind remembers. To see an example of this phenomenon, watch a golf or tennis match. The professional golfer knows exactly where he wants the ball to go. He knows which club to use for the right distance, how much […]


AHCL Thought of the Day: Don’t Be Blind-Sided

  Did you ever assign a job or delegate a responsibility and then demonstrate some lack of trust or assume responsibility for it again out of a lack of confidence in the person to whom you originally delegated it? A lesson in this was taught impressively by a blind man.


AHCL Thought of the Day: It’s OK To Go Ballistic

Ballistics is the science of projectiles and fire arms. One of many uses of this science is to identify the characteristic markings that a gun barrel makes on a bullet as it is fired. The markings on the barrel are also changed as an increasing number of bullets pass through it.