American HealthCare Lending Invites Additional Lenders to Fund Healthcare Loans

July 12, 2013

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American HealthCare Lending announces that it is opening up its multi-lender patient financing platform to additional sources of funding in order to keep pace with increased demand for healthcare loans nationwide.

This announcement coincides with new technology capabilities on the American HealthCare Lending platform that allows funding sources to select different loan types, healthcare verticals, loan amounts, and credit quality.

American HealthCare Lending’s platform can support traditional banks, finance companies, alternative finance companies, and other sources of capital interested in funding loans in the healthcare industry. The innovative platform technology allows lending institutions to efficiently connect to healthcare providers all over the United States.

Funding and Fertility – Finding Healthcare Financing That Works For Your Patients

July 8, 2013

When dealing with fertility issues, patients often feel like things are out of their control. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 6.1 million women in the US between 15 and 44 years old have difficulty getting or staying pregnant.  With costs of one round of IVF treatment averaging  $12,400 and surrogacy ranging from $70,000 and beyond, costs can add up very quickly. Figuring out funding for these procedures can be very stressful for families facing these expenses. Insurance companies may cover some costs for treatment, but the levels of care vary from state to state.

Providing healthcare funding for fertility procedures

With so many different options to consider, let American HealthCare Lending alleviate some of the stress that comes with fertility treatments. Our flexible patient financing plans cover a variety of fertility procedures, so couples can find peace of mind and accessible funding that can help change their lives.

The goal of American HealthCare Lending is to provide funding for every single patient, regardless of credit history. The application process is free and with our powerful new platform there are a variety of ways we can help your patients secure affordable monthly payment plans for their healthcare needs. Lower rates, no retroactive interest and personal attention all set us apart from other lenders. In fact, American Healthcare Lending offers the best provider rates in the industry. If your patients are considering fertility treatments, but are concerned about how they will fund the procedures, call American Healthcare Lending. We help your patients take the next step in their medical treatment.

For more information call 888-602-6066 or email

American Healthcare Lending Forms Partnership With NTC Texas To Expand Its Reach In The Healthcare Industry

April 23, 2013

Salt Lake City, UT – April 23, 2013 – In a move that will benefit healthcare providers and patients alike, American HealthCare Lending, the innovative healthcare financing company offering comprehensive funding solutions, has signed a joint partnership with NTC Texas, a payment processor that delivers a powerful transaction processing package.

Patient Financing For HospitalsAmerican HealthCare Lending is revolutionizing the way healthcare practices offer financing options for their patients. With multiple lending options, and the best rates in the industry, they have set themselves apart as the premier patient financing partner in the United States. American HealthCare Lending offers their advanced patient financing platform in dentistry, cosmetic surgery, audiology, vision, hair restoration, bariatric, mental and behavioral health, fertility, hospital and at-home healthcare, and more. By offering customized payment solutions across a wide range of industries, patients have access to healthy finance options, which offers them relief and confidence when receiving much needed care.

Patient Finance Payment Processing NTC Texas delivers specialized payment processing solutions to the United States and Canada. As the #1 network in the nation for reliability, host response time and highest data integrity and security, NTC Texas delivers quick and reliable results. Their dedication to improving business transactions for healthcare providers, as well as many other industries, sets them apart as a market leader.

“We are thrilled to be associated with such an incredible organization. NTC Texas is going to add substantial value to American HealthCare Lending and we hope to do the same for them.  We plan on working with NTC Texas for years and years to come,” said Shaun Sorensen, President and CEO of American HealthCare Lending.

The partnership between American HealthCare Lending and NTC Texas will create an extended nationwide reach, providing healthcare funding for even more prospective clients, while adding greater credibility to the patient financing industry.

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About American HealthCare Lending:

American HealthCare Lending is a financial services company that operates in a wide variety of medical, dental, surgical and other healthcare-related markets to provide superior service on a nationwide level. American HealthCare Lending is partnered with Crown Council, Burkhart, DCE Dental, Advanced Reproductive Care, Obesity Help, and Payment Alliance International. This market-leading provider offers customers a superior choice for healthcare lending.

About NTC Texas:

Established in 2004, NTC Texas located in Las Colinas, Texas is a merchant service provider representing Elavon Global Acquiring Solutions throughout the United States and Canada. As a team, NTC Texas and Elavon deliver one of the most powerful transaction processing packages in the industry with a proprietary network, fully redundant systems, superior customer service and a broad spectrum of products. Their credit card processing and other merchant services help increase revenues and decrease costs for businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, and many other industries. 

American HealthCare Lending Contact:

For all media, investor or general inquiries, email or call 800-625-7412.


AHCL Thought of the Day: Maybe You Are Smarter Than You Think

March 26, 2013


Dr. Robert Epstein, Research Professor at United States International University, says that intelligence tests predict only about 10% of an individual’s potential for success. He says that what is needed is an analysis of what makes people successful and then to construct a test to measure those things. Here are some of the success factors that he identifies:

1. Common sense. A lot of people who didn’t get A’s in school have common sense–a good sense of logic. More

Health-Care Financing Comparison Chart

Health-care financing comparison chart

By Kelly Dilworth

Several big lenders have retreated from health-care financing in recent years. Since the recession, for example, Chase, Capital One and health insurance provider Humana have all dropped their health-care lending programs. (Humana still offers a health-care debit card, but discontinued its medical credit card.)

“Before the recession, there were lots of players,” says Mark Rukavina, founder of the healthcare consulting group Community Health Advisors. “They were aggressively marketing the product and extending it to people who were having a difficult time paying for health care.”

AHCL Funding Chart More

AHCL Thought of the Day: Putting Color into Your Life

February 15, 2013


At the sports mall adjacent to our offices, the employees at the front counter (mostly female) have gone to wearing colored T- shirts that seem to reflect their reaction to working on specific days of the week with a different color for each day. For instance, Monday is usually a grey day with a bright yellow sunshine color often dominating on Friday. More

AHCL Thought of the Day: The Body Forgets Faster Than The Brain

February 5, 2013

BRAINAn experienced music teacher or athletic coach knows that the body will often forget what the mind remembers. To see an example of this phenomenon, watch a golf or tennis match. The professional golfer knows exactly where he wants the ball to go. He knows which club to use for the right distance, how much pressure to put into the swing, how to position his body, etc. etc. and yet he will sometimes land in a sand trap. His brain knows how, so why doesn’t the body do what the brain instructs it to do?


AHCL Thought of the Day: Don’t Be Blind-Sided



Did you ever assign a job or delegate a responsibility and then demonstrate some lack of trust or assume responsibility for it again out of a lack of confidence in the person to whom you originally delegated it? A lesson in this was taught impressively by a blind man.

AHCL Thought of the Day: It’s OK To Go Ballistic

Ballistics is the science of projectiles and fire arms. One of many uses of this science is to identify the characteristic markings that a gun barrel makes on a bullet as it is fired. The markings on the barrel are also changed as an increasing number of bullets pass through it.

AHCL Thought of the Day: Balance Keepers

January 25, 2013

Some years ago, the New York Times sent a reporter to interview Mr. Roebuck (of Sears-Roebuck fame) on his ninetieth birthday. Since the focus of the interview was on Mr. Roebuck’s birthday, the reporter began by asking, “To what do you attribute your longevity and good health?”

AHCL Thought of the Day: What We Can Learn From The Early Colonists

January 24, 2013

The early colonists (1607) fought against disease, starvation, the cold of winter and often the hostile Indians. When it became apparent that having everyone contribute what they could produce to a common storehouse was not generating adequate food, Governor William Bradford gave each man a plot of ground which he was free to till as he saw fit. He could keep for his own use whatever he produced after he paid his share of the expenses of running the colony.

Although the colonists were not required to give up any surplus they had, they took pride in producing all they could and setting some aside for visitors, friends, relatives and even strangers.

NTC Texas Announces Partnership with American Healthcare Lending

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New joint partnership provides patient friendly options for financing healthcare procedures.

Las Colinas, TX (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

NTC Texas, a payment processor representing revenue-cycle solutions throughout the United States has signed a joint partnership with American Healthcare Lending, a healthcare financing company dedicated to the financial success of every practice.

AHCL Thought of the Day: Maybe You Never Had It So Good

January 22, 2013

Sometimes when you are trying to solve a particularly difficult problem, or you are having a challenging day, you may wonder if there isn’t a better way to make a living. Keep this story in the desk drawer for such an occasion:

In a small farm community, a man decided that because he had worked hard as a rancher-farmer all of his life, he would like to sell his place and move to the city where things were more convenient and less demanding.

He called the local real estate agent and asked him to list his place for sale. The next morning, the real estate agent called on the telephone to check the ad for accuracy before he put it in the paper. This is the ad he had written:


Picturesque white frame ranch house with white picket fence and 80 acres of rich farm land in the middle of beautiful Kamas Valley. Clear streams of mountain water flow nearby, well stocked with rainbow trout. This is the gateway to the best hunting and fishing area in the nearby mountains. The farm house faces rugged mountain peaks and is located in a small, friendly farming community with good schools and a new church that is all paid for.

“Wait a minute,” the owner said. “All my life I have wanted a place like that. Now that I have it, I’d be crazy to sell it. Cancel the ad.”

In the absence of a real estate man who can see potential, it might be well to make a list of all of your assets that have nothing to do with money and then see which ones you would trade, or otherwise be willing to give up. You would then see which needs fixing, your situation or your viewpoint.

ACHL Thought of the Day: The Success Formula for Any Job

January 17, 2013


Our expectation of results of what others do and even what we ourselves accomplish determines what it means to be successful. If what happens falls short of what we expect, we are disappointed. If, on the other hand, what happens meets our expectations, or even better, exceeds them, we define the outcome as successful.

So now if we assume everybody else thinks like we do, the success formula for performance is to always make sure to deliver more than we promise.

If you are able to deliver more than is promised or expected, then you will be successful. If, unhappily, you fall into the trap of over- promising and under-delivering, then no matter how well you actually do, it will never be enough. What you have accomplished will have limited value because the recipient of the service was expecting more.

Delivering more than you promise is easier to say than to do, but if you can manage it, you will have more success and you will have earned it.

AHCL Thought of the Day: Understanding the Learning Curve

When one man was fulfilling a life-long desire to fly, he had an interesting experience which caused him to appreciate the so-called learning curve. All during pilot-training one summer as he went enthusiastically out to the small airfield to have his lesson, he sensed that his progress seemed slower than others he observed. He began to worry that he would never master the art of flying.

One day he asked his instructor if he was doing as well as he should be. The instructor replied, “Some people learn rapidly whileothers take much longer.” The man’s heart began to sink. Then the instructor squinted at the horizon for a moment and said, “I never have paid much attention to the speed at which people learn. In fact, some of the fastest learners have turned out to be rather poor pilots.”

What made good pilots, according to the instructor, was not speed in learning, it was the presence of two key factors:

(1) The ability to be mentally in front of the airplane so as to anticipate problems before they happen, and (2) the ability to recognizemistakes and correct them.

There appears to be some significant wisdom in that formula that can be applied to a lot of things that have nothing to do with flying. There is a lot to be said about thinking ahead and getting in front of what might happen–that is, to anticipate.

It would likely be profitable to anticipate potential mistakes and avoid them if possible. The biggest mistake of all is to fail to acknowledge mistakes when they do occur because they provide a golden opportunity to learn something.

Not bad advice. In fact, perhaps it is “the only way to fly.”


AHCL Thought of the Day: Getting What Your Heart Desires

January 16, 2013

You may remember psychologist Dr. John Gray, or at least you remember his book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. He believes that nearly anyone can get what he/she wants if three elements are present. They are (1) Desire for more in our lives, (2) Confidence that we can get what we want, and (3) Appreciation for what we already have.

If any of these three elements is missing, we may achieve some external success but we won’t be happy. His reasoning is that if we lack strong desire, our lives will lack drive and passion. Without confidence, we won’t have the courage to persist. And if we can’t appreciate what we have, our achievements will feel hollow.

That’s easy enough to say, but how can we acquire these three? Here’s the formula:

Desire. Dr. Gray says if we don’t know what we desire, it may be because we’re afraid we won’t get it. When we experience disappointment or failure, we try telling ourselves that we didn’t really want what we thought we wanted. So what we should do is face the worst case scenario in advance. Once we have faced our negative feelings, they lose their power and our desires emerge.

Confidence. Take at least five minutes each morning to think about what we would like to have happen that day. Image the good feelings that will result from achievement.

Appreciation. Gratitude helps us enjoy life while we are in the process of getting what we want.

As we pay attention to the miracles already in our lives, we will experience more and more miracles.

AHCL Thought of the Day – The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself

January 14, 2013

Nobody can motivate anybody else. The best leader or peer can only help people to motivate themselves. The psychologists say that there are three basic means by which people are motivated: compliance, identification, and internalization.

Compliance is for amateurs. Most of us are inclined to try to get people to behave by offering them some kind of attractive reward in return for the right kind of performance or behavior. The other side is to give something undesirable (punishment) for the wrong kind. Whether one method or the other works or not, this is usually the route taken by those who haven’t learned a better way. The other two methods are ultimately more satisfying, and their effects are longer lasting.

Identification occurs when people adopt a behavior associated with others because it provides them with a worthwhile sense of identity or a meaningful self-image. This certainly suggests that if the atmosphere and work ethic are upbeat and efficiency-oriented, any newcomer will feel comfortable adopting the same pattern.

Internalization is often the result of successful identification– when the individual takes on the values and beliefs of the group. When people come to own those values and beliefs personally, they become the source of their own motivation. When the leader has demonstrated his/her commitment to a set of beliefs and values, the organization usually takes them on. That’s why internalization works for the entire group and any who join it.

Internalization may be the longer way, but it has the greatest payoff. It provides the proverbial “two birds” since it involves both self-motivation and an example for others at the same time.


January 11, 2013

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There are always so many things demanding time and attention that deliberately setting out to have a little recreation is often a difficult discipline. If you have this problem, you may benefit from the advice of a psychologist who knows why play has a great payoff. Here’s the list of reasons to escape to the beach or engage in your favorite recreation:

  1. It restores optimism.
  2. It relieves stress.
  3. It refreshes and recharges.
  4. It changes your perspective for the better.
  5. It stimulates creativity.
  6. It renews your ability to accomplish necessary work.
  7. It allows your brain to renew the neural connections thatembody your human potential.
  8. It helps you adapt to any possible set of environmentalconditions.
  9. It takes tension out of your body.
  10. It is an indicator of youthfulness.
  11. It lengthens life. Adults who play live longer than those whodon’t according to a study conducted by Stanford University.
  12. It permits emotional discharge in a way that carries little risk.
  13. It provides an opportunity to experiment with feelings and to be completely in charge of them.
  14. It develops your memory.
  15. It makes you a happier person.
  16. The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.
  17. It is an exercise in self-definition–it reveals what we choose todo, not what we have to do.
  18. It’s fun.

So now you know why to work at playing.


AHCL Thought of the Day: Make Yourself Feel Good

January 10, 2013

Take it easy and make yourself feel good. Here are six techniques for nudging out bad moods and replacing them with good moods:

  1. Take at least five minutes of break time to do something relaxing and different– chat with a friend, or read briefly from an interesting book.
  2. Take a ten minute walk outside or away from your work setting.
  3. Provide a simple surprise for someone who works with you.
  4. Do something that will have a positive affect on your health such as eating a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar.
  5. Make a list of things that have made you feel good in the past. Put the list where you see it frequently. Read it when you’re feeling down.
  6.  Allow yourself to swing with your mood for a while. Negative moods have a natural tendency to become positive over time.

Moods are a healthy part of our emotional life. The bad ones never last as long as we think they will. The good ones are very worthwhile!


Are You Happy?


AHCL Thought of the Day – SUCCESS SKILLS

January 9, 2013

These are the characteristics of successful people according to Daniel Goleman, former brain sciences editor of the New York Times. These are the skills or character traits successful people have according to Mr. Goleman:

PEOPLE SKILLS: The art of getting along with people in everyday contact is far more important than raw intelligence. Studies at the Carnegie Institute of Technology indicate that 85% of success depends on skills in working with people and 15% on technical knowledge.

MOTIVATION: Motivation comes from your needs multiplied by your belief that you can accomplish your goals. Needs arise from either the desire for good feelings or the avoidance of pain.

SELF-REGULATION: You can’t control other people or events, but you can control your feelings by changing your beliefs about people and events. You can also learn to manage your emotions, control your temper, your pessimism or your critical attitude.

SELF-UNDERSTANDING: Understanding yourself will help you develop your talents and avoid involvement in things in which you are less proficient. Those who are less proficient at analyzing often find it easier to sort through the facts and arrive at a decision. Saying it in another way–there are those who are impulsive decision makers and others who are totally indecisive. If you are an impulsive decision maker, you can train yourself to wait a day or a weekend before making a decision.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: This involves telling the truth and being fair. You are not trustworthy if you break promises to yourself. It is truly challenging to be scrupulously honest with yourself.

That’s the stuff that will make you successful.