American HealthCare Lending Presents at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014 #DSM14

February 26, 2014

This year, American HealthCare Lending has the wonderful opportunity of to speak, by request, at the DocuSign Momentum 2014 Conference in San Francisco. Please see below to discover some highlights of what will be said and AHCL’s secrets as to how they have been able to use DocuSign so effectively. More

Practice Case Study: Barker Bariatric

January 28, 2014

Here at American HealthCare Lending, we like to recognize our clients that stand out by their quality performance and by their outstanding customer service.

One of our clients that continually impresses us and their own customers with superior care and professionalism that they repeatedly provide is Barker Bariatric Center. More

Let American HealthCare Financing Help You Start Your Family

With the average cost of one round of IVF treatments costing an average $12,000, many people dealing with infertility find themselves making a lot of difficult decisions. Often, they are unable to proceed with treatments unless they receive financial assistance. As a provider, you are giving your patients the medical care they need. If you use American HealthCare Lending for your financing, you are also offering your patients access to affordable financing. More

Help Your Patients Receive Care And Patient Financing

January 10, 2014

Attention Orthopedic surgeons! If you would like to be able to treat more patients while also ensuring you are paid upfront for your services, American HealthCare Lending can offer you the best financing options in the industry. We offer premiere patient financing to healthcare providers, nationwide. More

Bariatric Surgery – Help Your Patients Regain Control Of Their Health

January 3, 2014

For patients in need of bariatric surgery, losing weight can be a matter of life and death. Obesity puts people at a greater risk for a number of health conditions including diabetes, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, gallstones and sleep apnea. Studies have shown that six months after weight loss surgery, patients lose between 30% and 50% of their excess weight. This change can positively affect people’s health, as well as their confidence and self-esteem. More

Make LASIK Eye Surgery Accessible To More Patients With American HealthCare Lending

November 28, 2013

For patients with vision problems who rely on glasses or contacts, LASIK eye surgery can be a complete game changer. Imagine no longer needing to worry about bringing glasses or contact solution with you on trips; the daily routine of storing and cleaning your contact lenses; breaking or losing your glasses. What if the only thing standing between your patients and a life free from glasses and contacts was the need for eye surgery financing? More

Behavioral Health Financing From American HealthCare Lending

November 21, 2013

Navigating financial assistance while also figuring out behavioral health treatment can feel overwhelming. Whether for you or a loved one, American HealthCare Lending can help simplify the process by offering your patients an easy application, instant decisions, and low fixed rate mental health loans with terms of up to 84 months. More

Hospital Financing Solutions From American HealthCare Lending

November 14, 2013

When patients are presented with treatment plans for care they need, they often worry they are unable to afford it. Sometimes they don’t have insurance. Others have insurance but the deductible is too high to make treatment realistic. Rather than trying to figure out how to pay for it, patients may decline care that could vastly improve their health and quality of life. As a provider, it is difficult to see patients decline care that they desperately need because of financial roadblocks. Fortunately American HealthCare Lending is able to help change that outcome. More

Meet Your Patients’ Cosmetic And Financial Needs With AHCL

November 7, 2013

Plastic surgery isn’t just about a cosmetic transformation. Patients often experience an inner transformation as well, whether it’s increased confidence, stronger feelings of self worth or even just relief at no longer hiding a certain feature. Many who seek this transformation are emotionally ready, but unable to fully afford the care they need. Would you like to be able to offer your patients financial peace of mind as well as high quality surgical care? More

Our Loans Cover All Fertility Treatments

October 31, 2013

Couples that are faced with infertility are often overwhelmed at all the costs involved with trying to conceive. From medications and specialists to shots and procedures, the bills can add up quickly. Providers who offer fertility financing through American HealthCare Lending not only provide their patients with important medical procedures. They are also offering peace of mind at having an affordable plan to fund the whole process and confidence to proceed with treatment. More

Help Your Patients Say Goodbye To Tooth Pain

October 25, 2013

Many people go through their daily routines with a toothache, hoping it will just go away. Some may even resign themselves to the idea that tooth pain is something they just have to live with.  Sometimes fear of the dentist is a factor, but often the speed bump is inability to pay for care. More

Vision Facts vs. Myths

October 8, 2013

Many of us have heard that sitting too close to a TV will damage our eyesight or that carrots are good for your vision. How much of what we hear about our eyes is true? And how much of it is just old wives tales?  Lets look at a few examples: More

American HealthCare Lending Offers Behavioral Health Financing

September 20, 2013

Simplify access to behavioral health care with mental health loans from American HealthCare Lending. Our nationwide network of specialized lenders gives you instant access to the necessary funds so your patients can secure treatment. Our loan consultants provide patients with confidential, reliable customer service. Patients receive instant decisions on loans and can get pre-approval without affecting their credit. More

Plastic Surgery Financing From American HealthCare Lending

September 13, 2013

When people hear the term ‘plastic surgery’ they may think of Botox or liposuction, but there are many more forms of plastic surgery than just the familiar procedures. Some patients undergo plastic surgery to help reverse scarring, burns or physical flaws that may negatively affect their health.  Plastic surgery can give patients who have been in accidents a renewed sense of self-confidence and identity. More

Hospital Financial Assistance Eases Worry Over Increased Deductibles

September 6, 2013

If your patients have to pay higher deductibles because of the Affordable Healthcare Act to their insurance, they aren’t alone. Many companies now only offer a high deductible insurance plan to their employees. While this option lowers annual premiums, out of pocket costs before reaching the deductible may not realistically be ‘affordable’. This is a notable concern for patients who may require a hospital visit for their medical care. More

Fertility Funding With More Options For Your Patients

August 30, 2013

Reliable and affordable funding options can be the make or break factor for couples with fertility issues who are deciding how to proceed. Insurance may pay for partial treatment, but for many patients, the medical procedures involved may require additional funding. American HealthCare Lending has the solution. More

Healthy Teeth And Easy Dental Payment Plans With American HealthCare Lending

August 22, 2013

Patients understand that keeping their teeth clean is necessary for good oral health, but many patients are surprised to learn that healthy teeth and gums can help prevent a number of other health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, dementia, stroke, arthritis and premature birth. Makes regular visits to the dentist seem a bit more important, doesn’t it? More

Clark Behavioral Health Financing Joins American HealthCare Lending

Featured in:

Financial Content 

Daily News Los Angeles 

American HealthCare Lending announces that it has finalized an agreement to acquire Clark Behavioral Health Financing (Clark BHF). This acquisition will improve the healthcare financing experience for the more than 400 programs that use Clark BHF’s services and will strengthen American HealthCare Lending’s position as the leader in behavioral health financing industry.

Through its industry-leading technology and contracted lenders, American HealthCare Lending will be able to more-than-double the average approval ratio that programs were experiencing with Clark BHF, in addition to increasing average loan approval limits by more than 50%. Most importantly, American HealthCare Lending’s platform allows families to obtain a loan approval in a matter of seconds after submission of an online credit application.

Existing clients of Clark BHF can contact their Clark account manager directly to learn more about how to upgrade their contract to American HealthCare Lending’s multi-lender platform. Call: 888.755.3079 or Email: team(at)clarkbhf(dot)com

Want To Fund Weight Loss Surgery? American HealthCare Lending Can Help

August 9, 2013

We’ve all heard that eating healthy and exercising helps us lose weight, but some patients require extra assistance when working towards their weight loss goals. Bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass or lap band procedures can be the necessary extra step to help people lose weight. In addition to helping patients feel more confident in their appearance, there are also myriad health benefits to dropping those extra pounds.


The American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery has found that up to 30 obesity-related health conditions (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.) can be improved or even resolved with weight loss surgery. But do insurance companies cover the costs of these procedures? Depends on the insurance provider. If your patients are interested in bariatric surgery financing, then contact us to provide them with low rates and longer terms.

Healthcare providers who offer funding solutions for their patients know that American HealthCare Lending offers the lowest rates in the industry. Access to a network of multiple medical financing options, as well as compassionate, knowledgeable customer service, makes financing with AHL an enjoyable experience for both patient and provider. When a person chooses to do gastric bypass surgery, his or her wallet shouldn’t be the thing that’s getting lighter.

For more information call 888-602-6066 or email

American HealthCare Lending Helps Patients See More Clearly

August 2, 2013

“Cover your left eye and read the letters on the third line.” Sound familiar? A visit to the eye doctor is something that many of us can relate to. Whether it’s contacts or glasses, nearly 75% of adults need some form of vision correction, according to the Vision Council of America. Some vision care needs are covered by insurance, but for patients who need assistance funding these visits to the optometrist, American HealthCare Lending has the solution.
Lasik Loans From American HealthCare Lending

We fund a variety of eye care services, including:

-LASIK/ LASEK corrective eye surgery
-Contact Lenses
-Cataract Surgery
-Retinal Detachment Procedures
-Macular Degeneration Treatments
-Glaucoma Treatments

Our brand new, easy to use financing platform allows providers to give their patients options regarding eye surgery financing or other vision care needs. Our innovative lending solutions offer the best rates in the industry. Our healthcare financing options can provide funding for every patient, regardless of credit history. As a result, we can help you increase case acceptance (and revenue) at your practice.

Patients simply apply for a loan, receive an instant decision, and are able to fund their procedure right away. High interest rates and pre-payment penalties are a thing of the past with American HealthCare Lending. Enjoy superior customer service and the ability to provide your patients with the power to fund their vision care needs.

For more information call 888-602-6066 or email

Secure Funding For Mental and Behavioral Health With American HealthCare Lending

July 29, 2013

As a provider who works with patients who suffer from mental or behavioral health issues, you understand the importance of reliable medical treatment.


Mental Health Financing from American HealthCare Lending


Research from the National Alliance on Mental Illness shows that 70-90% of patients with access to effective treatment experience a substantial reduction of symptoms and can enjoy increased quality of life.  Treatments can include medication, counseling, group therapy or a combination of these things.  Costs for different types of treatment can add up and are often not covered by standard insurance plans. Access to these treatments can make a world of difference to those suffering from behavioral and mental illness.

Fortunately, American HealthCare Lending offers mental health loans to fund a variety of these treatments, including:

-Wilderness Therapy
-Residential Treatment
-Therapeutic and Traditional Boarding Schools
-Group Homes
-Treatment Centers
-Individual Therapy
-Private Practice

American HealthCare Lending offers the best provider rates in the industry, providing loans of up to $100,000 with terms from 36-60 months that feature low, fixed interest rates from 7.00%. The application process takes only minutes, and allows individuals to review their rate, payment and term before accepting the loan offer.

Your patients who require confidential, accessible mental and behavioral health financing can rest assured when they use American HealthCare Lending, knowing they have access to an excellent resource for getting themselves or their loved ones the valuable care they need.

For more information about mental health financing call 888-602-6066 or email

Plastic Surgery Financing Is More Accessible Than Ever

July 22, 2013

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity, but how are patients choosing to fund these procedures? In 2012, the United States saw a 5% rise in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures from the previous year – 14.6 million total. Additionally, 5.6 million reconstructive plastic surgeries were performed in 2012. Although plastic surgery often has positive physical and psychological effects for patients who receive it, many insurance companies do not fund elective or cosmetic medical procedures. With services ranging from $300-$8000 on average, patients often require assistance funding their procedures.
Plastic surgery financing from American HealthCare Lending

American HealthCare Lending provides an easy and budget-friendly alternative to patients maxing out credit cards or applying for high interest bank loans.

Our financing options at American HealthCare Lending allow your patients to enjoy the best provider rates in the industry with no down payments and lower monthly payments. Terms up to 72 months are available and we can even create funding plans for patients with poor credit situations. All these benefits, coupled with a live lending consultant, ensure your patients are getting the best plan possible.

Our loans for cosmetic surgery patients cover all types of cosmetic procedures, including:

-Breast Augmentation
-Breast Reduction
-Facelift Surgery
-Eyelid Surgery
-Tummy Tuck Surgery

While your patients are looking to enhance their appearance, enhance the way you offer plastic surgery financing. With a wide variety of funding options that give patients access to the care they need, American HealthCare Lending is the clear choice for patient financing.

For more information call 888-602-6066 or email

A Solution For Medical Deductible Financing

July 15, 2013

Recent overhauls to healthcare in the United States have changed the way many companies offer insurance benefits. As a result, many people find themselves facing higher deductibles for their insurance plans. These increases sometimes make it difficult for patients to afford the care they need. American HealthCare Lending has risen to the challenge and is working with hospitals and at-home care companies to make sure patients are able to pay for these higher deductibles.
Medical deductible financing from American Healthcare Lending

American HealthCare Lending’s unique approach to hospital patient financing offers a payment solution for every patient. We offer the best provider rates in the industry and our affordable loan programs provide patients with lower rates and longer terms, as well as access to a personal lending consultant.

We offer multiple financing solutions to best fit your patients’ needs. The process is simple: patients submit an application and find out in a matter of seconds what their custom loan option will be. They are then free to accept or reject the patient payment plan. Once they accept, funding for the procedure can begin right away.

Knowing that deductibles for a hospital visit may be higher than ever before shouldn’t affect the decisions made by patients regarding their health. With American HealthCare Lending, we ensure your patients have peace of mind and access to necessary medical care.

For more information call 888-602-6066 or email